National Teams

Senior National Team

Emma O'Croinin

  • Age 19
  • Height 182 cm / 6 ftin
  • Club Edmonton Keyano Swim Club
  • Coach Martyn Wilby
  • Previous Coaches Paul Birmingham
  • Hometown Edmonton, AB
  • Residence Edmonton, AB

National Team Highlights

Gwangju 2019 FINA World Championships11
Budapest 2019 FINA World Junior Championships123

Emma’s Bio

  • O’Croinin was a member of the women’s 4×200-m freestyle team that captured bronze at the Gwangju 2019 FINA World Championships. Individually, O’Croinin finished 12th and 17th in the 400-m and 1500-m freestyle.
  • At the Budapest 2019 FINA World Junior Championships, O’Croinin captured silver in the 400-m freestyle and bronze in the 200-m freestyle, both in personal best times. O’Croinin was also a member of the women’s 4×200 freestyle that brought home bronze.
  • At the 2019 Canadian Swimming Trials, O’Croinin finished second in the 400-m freestyle in personal best time. Her performance qualified her for the 2019 FINA World Championships, making her first senior national team at the age of 15, the youngest swimmer on the team.
  • At the 2022 USPORTS Swimming Championships, Emma O’Croinin won four gold medals (400-m freestyle, 800-m freestyle, 4×100-m medley relay, 4×200-m freestyle relay) and captured two silver medals (200-m freestyle; 4x100m freestyle relay). She was named Female Rookie of the Year.
  • At the 2018 Junior Pan Pacific Championships, O’Croinin captured bronze in 1500-m freestyle.
  • O’Croinin won 9 golds, 3 silvers and 2 bronzes at the 2019 Western Canadian Championships. She had personal best times in the 50-m freestyle, 100-m and 200-m backstroke.
  • At the 2019 Mel Zajac Jr. International, O’Croinin won gold in the 200-m, 800-m and 1,500-m freestyle. She also captured silver in the 400-m freestyle.
  • O’Croinin won Swimming Canada’s Female Junior Swimmer of the Year in 2019.
  • At the 2018 FINA World Junior Swimming Championships, O’Croinin finished 12th in the 5-km and was a member of the 4×1,250-m relay that finished fifth.
  • Emma O’Croinin earned silver in the 1,500-m freestyle at the 2018 Canadian Swimming Championships.
  • At the 2018 Canadian Swimming Trials, O’Croinin earned bronze in the 1,500-m freestyle.
  • At the 2018 Canadian Junior Championships, O’Croinin won gold in the 200-m, 400-m, 800-m and 1,500-m freestyle as well as the 400-m individual medley. She also won bronze in the 100-m freestyle, 200-m individual medley, women’s 4×100-m and 4×200-m freestyle, and mixed 4×100-m freestyle.
Quick Facts
  • Favourite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy
  • Favourite place to visit: Europe
  • Pre-race meal: Subway, pasta

Emma’s Personal Bests

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800m Freestyle25mChampionnat Universitaire canadien
200m Freestyle Laps25mChampionnat Universitaire canadienRELAY
100m Freestyle Laps25mChampionnat Universitaire canadienRELAY
200m Freestyle25mChampionnat Universitaire canadien
50m Butterfly25mProvincial Series #2: JP Fiset Invitational
100m Freestyle25mOdlum Brown Colleges Cup
100m Butterfly50mOpen
50m Freestyle50mOpen
50m Backstroke25mVivos JP Fiset InvitationalRELAY
400m Freestyle25mVivos JP Fiset Invitational---
100m Backstroke25mVivos JP Fiset InvitationalRELAY
50m Breaststroke25mSpeed Meet
100m Butterfly25mSpeed Meet
100m Medley25mOktoberfest
200m Freestyle50mFINA: 7th World Junior Championships---
400m Freestyle50mFINA: 7th World Junior Championships---
200m Freestyle Laps50mFINA: 7th World Junior ChampionshipsRELAY
100m Freestyle50mCanadian Swimming Championships
100m Freestyle Laps50mCanadian Swimming ChampionshipsRELAY
100m Backstroke50mSummer Championships
50m Breaststroke50mSummer Championships
200m Backstroke50mWestern Canadian Championships
800m Freestyle50mCanadian Swimming Trials---
50m Butterfly50mOSC Last Chance Qualifier
200m Medley50mSpring Championships
200m Breaststroke25mBlue Bears
50m Freestyle Laps25mBlue BearsRELAY
100m Breaststroke25mBlue Bears
200m Butterfly25mBlue Bears
1500m Freestyle25mBlue Bears---
200m Medley25mJP Fiset Invitational---
200m Backstroke25mJP Fiset Invitational
50m Freestyle25mJP Fiset InvitationalRELAY
400m Medley25mJP Fiset Invitational
1500m Freestyle50mJunior Pan Pacific Championships---
400m Medley50mCanadian Junior Championships---
100m Breaststroke50mKeyano Invitational
50m Freestyle Laps50mKeyano InvitationalRELAY
200m Butterfly50mKeyano Invitational
50m Backstroke50mKeyano Open
50m Butterfly Laps25mAge Group ChallengeRELAY
100m Breaststroke Laps50mSummer ChampionshipsRELAY
50m Breaststroke Laps50mCsi: 150RELAY
200m Breaststroke50mCsi: 150
50m Breaststroke Laps25mJP Fiset InvitationalRELAY
25m Freestyle25mEKSC Vorgee 1
25m Breaststroke25m10 & under Series 4
25m Butterfly25m10 & under Series 4
25m Backstroke25mVorgee 3