HP Centres

High Performance Centres

Swimming Canada’s High Performance Strategy includes the establishment of three High Performance Centres and one Intensive Training Program. The objective of these high-performance entities is to provide an environment aimed at developing identified swimmers to their potential. Each centre will be serviced by expert coaching tasked solely with the high performance needs of the resident swimmers. The ultimate goal is to develop a training and competition environment where Canadian swimmers can win at the highest levels. Athletes also benefit from a variety of support services such as sport science, medical support and easy access to one of the country’s top academic institutions. Also university-based athletes have the advantage to compete within the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) circuit. Entry is through an application process.

The centres offer outreach and regional visitation opportunities – to find out more contact the head coach in the area. A second role of the centres is to become a catalyst to regional high performance development.

Toronto, ON

Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC)

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Head Coach: Ryan Mallette
Assistant Coach: Rob Novak

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Vancouver, BC

UBC Aquatic Centre

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Head Coach: Scott Talbot
Assistant Coach : Mandy Bell

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Montreal, QC

Center Sportif Parc-Olympique - INS

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Head Coach: Simon Deguire
Assistant Coach: Marie Bergeron

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