National Teams

Development Team

Julia Strojnowska

  • Club Canadian Dolphin Swim Club
  • Coach Brian Metcalfe
  • Previous Coaches Kelly Taitinger

Julia’s Personal Bests

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800m Freestyle50mCandian Olympic & Paralympic Trials
1500m Freestyle50mCandian Olympic & Paralympic Trials
400m Freestyle50mCandian Olympic & Paralympic Trials
200m Breaststroke50mLOSC Annual Long Course Meet
50m Breaststroke50mLOSC Annual Long Course Meet
200m Butterfly50mWestern Canadian Championships
200m Medley50mWestern Canadian Championships
100m Freestyle50mWestern Canadian Championships
200m Freestyle50mWestern Canadian Championships
50m Freestyle Laps50mBC Winter Provincial ChampionshipsRELAY
100m Freestyle Laps50mBC Winter Provincial ChampionshipsRELAY
100m Butterfly50mBC Winter Provincial Championships
100m Backstroke50mProvincial Series #3: Edmonton Open
50m Freestyle50mProvincial Series #3: Edmonton Open
400m Freestyle25mTime Trials
50m Backstroke50mVPSC Winter Invitational
800m Freestyle25mOdlum Brown Colleges Cup
200m Freestyle Laps50m9th World Aquatics Junior ChampionshipsRELAY
200m Backstroke50mJessica Deglau Invitational
400m Medley50mLOSC Winter Long Course Meet
50m Butterfly Laps25m20th Annual Xmas Cracker InvitationalRELAY
200m Medley25m20th Annual Xmas Cracker Invitational
200m Backstroke25mVPSC Fall Invitational
3000m Freestyle50mCanada Games
200m Freestyle Laps25mBC Winter Provincial ChampionshipsRELAY
50m Butterfly50mBC Winter Provincial Championships
50m Butterfly25mBC Winter Provincial Championships
100m Freestyle Laps25mBC Winter Provincial ChampionshipsRELAY
200m Freestyle25mBC Winter Provincial Championships
100m Freestyle25mRapids Fastswim Classic
200m Butterfly25mRapids Fastswim Classic
100m Backstroke25mRapids Fastswim Classic
50m Freestyle25mVPSC Winter Invitational
100m Butterfly Laps25mVPSC Winter InvitationalRELAY
100m Butterfly25mVPSC Winter Invitational
50m Backstroke25mVPSC Winter InvitationalRELAY
50m Breaststroke25m14th Annual LOSC SC Invitational
400m Medley25mHollyburn Summer Swim Meet
50m Freestyle Laps25mTime TrialsRELAY
1500m Freestyle25mTime Trials
100m Medley25mCDSC Invitational Swim Meet
100m Breaststroke25mRapids FastSwim Classic
200m Breaststroke25mLOSC 13th Annual Short Course Invitational
100m Breaststroke50mLOSC 17th Annual LC Invitational
50m Butterfly Laps50mHyack Festival Youth CupRELAY
50m Breaststroke Laps25mSwim BC AA ChampionshipsRELAY