National Teams

Development Team

Oliver Dawson

  • Club Grande Prairie Piranhas
  • Coach Alex Dawson

Oliver’s Personal Bests

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200m Medley50mCandian Olympic & Paralympic Trials
200m Breaststroke50mCandian Olympic & Paralympic Trials---
100m Breaststroke50mCandian Olympic & Paralympic Trials---
50m Freestyle50mWestern Canadian Championships
400m Medley50mProvincial Series #3: Edmonton Open
50m Backstroke50mWinterfest
50m Butterfly50mWinterfest
50m Breaststroke25mOntario Junior International---
200m Breaststroke25mOntario Junior International---
100m Breaststroke25mOntario Junior International---
200m Medley25mOntario Junior International
100m Medley25mChristmas Cracker
200m Freestyle25mChristmas Cracker
50m Butterfly25mChristmas Cracker
100m Freestyle25mPoppy Invitational
200m Backstroke25mPoppy Invitational
50m Freestyle25mPirate Zombie Disco Apocalypse
400m Freestyle25mPirate Zombie Disco Apocalypse
100m Breaststroke Laps50m9th World Aquatics Junior ChampionshipsRELAY
50m Breaststroke50m9th World Aquatics Junior Championships---
200m Freestyle Laps50mCanadian ChampionshipsRELAY
100m Freestyle Laps50mCanadian ChampionshipsRELAY
100m Butterfly50mProvincial Series #5 - EKI - Provincial Series Finale
200m Freestyle50mProvincial Series #5 - EKI - Provincial Series Finale
200m Butterfly50mNorthern Lights
100m Freestyle50mAlberta Provincial Championships
100m Backstroke50mAlberta Provincial Championships
400m Medley25mOntario Junior International
100m Backstroke25mFast Track into Fall
50m Backstroke25mFast Track into Fall
100m Butterfly25mPoppy Invitational
200m Backstroke50mNorthern Lights
100m Freestyle Laps25mProvincial Series #2: JP Fiset InvitationalRELAY
100m Breaststroke Laps25mProvincial Series #2: JP Fiset InvitationalRELAY
800m Freestyle25mPoppy Invitational
400m Freestyle50mWinterfest
800m Freestyle50mOpen
50m Breaststroke Laps25mVivos JP Fiset InvitationalRELAY
50m Freestyle Laps25mVivos JP Fiset InvitationalRELAY
200m Butterfly25mPirate Extreme Challenge
50m Breaststroke Laps50mNorthern Alberta ProvincialsRELAY
50m Freestyle Laps50mNorthern Alberta ProvincialsRELAY