Résultats des compétitions

# 39211 – Invitation (ouvert)

Michelle Moore Swim Meet presented by Regina Orthodontic Group

  • Hosted by Regina Optimist Dolphin Swim Team
  • Location Lawson Aquatic Centre
  • Address 1717 Elphinstone Street, Regina, SK
  • Region ReginaSport District
  • Sanction Type Year Round (Winter) Age Group
  • Age Category Open
  • Sessions 4
  • Championship Meet No
  • Time Standard No Qualifying Standard

Contact information

Meet Manager

Kathleen Eisler
[email protected]

Entries Contact

Kathleen Eisler
[email protected]

Official Coordinator

Orenda Pelzer
[email protected]

Meet Referee

Jennifer Abrahamson
Referee certification 4


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Hommes – Saskatoon Laser Swim Club
Foley, Zachary — 2009
Finale directe835.7250m
Finale directe71:19.3050m
Finale directe649.7650m
Finale directe41:53.4650m
Finale directe3Bronze42.5050m
Finale directe3Bronze3:27.6850m
Kobylka, Aiden — 2008
Finale directe-1:11.3750m
Finale directe82:43.2950m
Finale directe-1:39.9450m
Finale directe-37.2250m
Finale directe43:10.3550m
Thiessen, Kyle — 2010
Finale directe2Argent43.0050m
Finale directe1Or4:13.6350m
Femmes – Saskatoon Laser Swim Club
Ens, Nikita — 1988
Finale directe2Argent1:13.0750m
Finale directe2Argent2:30.0550m
Finale directe2Argent1:13.6550m
Finale directe2Argent2:30.5850m
Finale directe2Argent4:53.9250m
Finale directe1Or1:43.6550m
Hanson, Adalie — 2009
Finale directe131:22.9450m
Finale directe1043.2350m
Finale directe131:37.9850m
Finale directe747.7750m
Finale directe91:44.4550m
Finale directe83:40.8450m
Finale directe83:26.9550m
Hanson, Sophia — 2005
Finale directe831.0850m
Finale directe71:07.0550m
Finale directe52:24.8050m
Finale directe736.6250m
Finale directe42:44.1050m
Finale directe55:49.0450m
Henderson, Julia — 2010
Finale directe73:06.5050m
Finale directe63:38.4350m
Henderson, Rachel — 2011
Finale directe1540.9650m
Finale directe231:37.4150m
Finale directe1746.9850m
Finale directe161:50.3750m
Finale directe853.1750m
Finale directe142:08.7150m
Newkirk, Shelby — 1996
Finale directe1Or35.5150m
Finale directe1Or1:21.8250m
Finale directe1Or2:54.1150m
Finale directe1Or39.5450m
Finale directe1Or1:30.9150m
Finale directe1Or3:08.1750m
Finale directe1Or2:08.4050m
Name Resource
Invitation de compétition Michelle Moore Swim Meet presented by Regina Orthodontic Group