Équipes nationales

Timothy McCowan

  • Âge 19
  • Club Dalhousie University Tigers

Timothy: Meilleurs temps

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200m 4 nages25mAUS Swimming Championships
200m Brasse25mAUS Swimming Championships
100m Brasse25mAUS Swimming Championships
100m Papillon25mAmby Legere AUS Swim Meet
100m Brasse Laps25mSubway AUS Swimming ChampionshipsRELAY
50m Brasse25mSubway AUS Swimming Championships
400m 4 nages25mAUS Kemp Fry Invitational
100m Brasse50mOntario Provincial Championships
400m 4 nages50mOntario Youth-Junior Championships
200m Brasse50mAge Group International LC
100m Papillon50mAge Group International LC
200m 4 nages50mSpring Forward Invitational Weekend - TPASC
100m Libre50mSpring Forward Invitational Weekend - TPASC
50m Libre50mSpring Forward Invitational Weekend - TPASC
50m Libre25mLAC - February Freeze
50m Papillon25mLAC - February Freeze
100m Libre25mLAC - February Freeze
200m Libre50mWinter Ontario Youth-Junior Championships
100m Libre Laps50mWinter Ontario Youth-Junior ChampionshipsRELAY
200m Dos50mScarborough Winter Classic - LC
100m Dos50mScarborough Winter Classic - LC
200m Papillon50mScarborough Winter Classic - LC
400m Libre50mScarborough Winter Classic - LC
50m Papillon Laps25mGrand Prix GatineauRELAY
200m Libre25mGrand Prix Gatineau
100m Dos25m43rd Annual Cindy Nicholas Memorial
50m Brasse Laps25m43rd Annual Cindy Nicholas MemorialRELAY
200m Dos25m43rd Annual Cindy Nicholas Memorial
400m Libre25m43rd Annual Cindy Nicholas Memorial
50m Dos25mDowntown Fall Sprint Meet
50m Papillon50mJohn Grootveld Sr
50m Dos50mMAC Winter Invitational
50m Brasse50mMAC Winter Invitational
1500m Libre50mMAC Winter Invitational
800m Libre50mMAC Winter InvitationalSPLIT
200m Papillon25m42nd Cindy Nicholas Invitational
800m Libre25mNYAC CupSPLIT
1500m Libre25mNYAC Cup
50m Libre Laps50mAmanda Reason InvitationalRELAY
50m Libre Laps25mCentral Region 'C' Winter ChampionshipsRELAY
100m 4 nages25mCentral Region Winter Team Championship