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Mental Health

Mental Health

Swimming Canada believes the psychological health and safety of athletes is vital to strong performances in the pool. While many athletes are comfortable seeking help for physical health issues, there may be stigma about seeking help for mental health issues that can prevent some people from getting the help they need. In becoming more aware of the types of mental illnesses and common signs and symptoms, one can help identify problems and help connect people to appropriate supports.

At the National Level Swimming Canada has created a Mental Health Strategy for National Team members, including all carded athletes, coaches, and staff. The overall aim of the document is to establish a strategy and system that supports and improves the speed of care of an individual’s mental health through early identification of mental health issues, application of timely interventions and return to play/work procedures. The Mental Health Strategy document is available below in the resource section.

In addition, to the Mental Health Strategy Swimming Canada also employs the “Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)” services of Telus Health for all carded athletes, coaches and staff. EFAP is a confidential and voluntary service offering support with mental health concerns, stress, grief and loss, crisis situations, work-life balance, addictions, legal advice, financial guidance, nutrition management and many other topics. To learn about how Telus Health can help your organization visit 

Name Resource
Mental Health Strategy Mental-Health-Strategy.pdf
Workplace Strategies for Mental Health
Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport
Mental Health Commission of Canada