Anti Doping

Anti Doping

Policy Section: Board

Policy Subsection: Program Policy

Policy Title: Anti Doping

Policy Statement

Swimming Canada strongly opposes the use, possession, and the supply of banned substances and practices in competitive swimming by Canadian swimmers, coaches, medical, paramedical, other team support personnel, administrators and officials.


This policy is to provide a consistent and effective response to the use of banned substances and practices in swimming in order to deter those who might engage in doping and to protect those who commit themselves to the practice of sport based on the principles of fair play.

This policy ensures that appropriate penalties are imposed on both swimmers and on others who violate anti-doping rules. It provides appropriate procedures for those accused of an infraction, including provisions for the reinstatement of individuals sanctioned as a result of such infractions.


It is the intention of Swimming Canada to advocate and promote practices that enhance swimming performance through the application of scientific methods and through the provision of education programs for all participants in Swimming Canada.

Swimming Canada will facilitate both announced and unannounced doping controls throughout Canada and elsewhere in conjunction with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES), as defined in the Swimming Canada Doping Control Plan and will comply with the requirements of the CCES anti-doping program in accordance with the Canadian Anti-Doping Program (CADP) administered by the CCES.

Body Action
Board- Program Policy Committee Ensure that all revisions to the CCES policy on anti-doping are reflected in the Swimming Canada policy

1. To play a positive role in raising the awareness and understanding of doping and anti-doping among Provincial Sections and member clubs

2.  To play a positive role in raising the awareness and understanding of doping and anti-doping among Swimming Canada Coaches and Teachers Association and Provincial Coaches Associations

3. Develop and manage effective Doping Control Plan as part of the Canadian Swimming Program that is consistent with the Swimming Canada Anti-Doping Policy and the CCES Canadian Anti-doping Program (CADP).


The Board Program Committee and the CEO cannot develop Policy or Doping Control Standard Operating Procedures that are not consistent with the policies, penalties and procedures included in the Canadian Policy Against Doping in Sport, Anti-Doping Program.


Canadian Policy Against Doping in Sport (CPADS) :

Canadian Anti-Doping Policy (CADP) :

“The CANADIAN-ANTI-DOPING PROGRAM is governed by the CANADIAN POLICY AGAINST DOPING IN SPORT. Sport Organizations and their members and participants who are subject to the CANADIAN ANTI-DOPING PROGRAM agree to be bound by the provisions and the spirit of the CANADIAN POLICY AGAINST DOPING IN SPORT.”

Swimming Canada Anti-Doping Operations Policy and Procedures.

REview and Approval
Review and Approval – September 11, 2006
Revision and Approval: March 28, 2009 | October 4, 2011