Policy Section:  Board of Directors

Policy Subsection: Audit, Finance & Risk Committee

Policy Title: Privacy

Policy Statement

Swimming Canada protects and keeps confidential all personal information of its registrants, staff and volunteers.

The collection of personal information shall be limited to that which is necessary for the purposes identified by Swimming Canada below.  Information shall be collected by fair and lawful means.

Except as set out in this policy, personal information is not disclosed to third parties without prior consent from the registrant or their parent/guardian. Signed consent forms, consenting to the collection and use of personal information as described, are collected by the club and kept on file with clubs until such time as a registrant applies to withdraw consent.

Swimming Canada provides registrants with login access to view collected personal information including that as it appears on the Swimming Canada registration database upon registration or within 30 days of receipt of a written request and ID verification by the Registrar.  Registrants shall be able to review the accuracy and completeness of information and have it amended as appropriate.

Registrants shall be able to address all concerns regarding compliance with the policy to the National Registrar / Privacy Officer of Swimming Canada.


Swimming Canada is governed by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”) and applicable provincial legislation in matters involving the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in the course of commercial activity. The purpose of this policy is to govern the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in a manner that recognizes the rights of privacy for individuals with respect to their personal information and the needs of Swimming Canada in collecting, using or disclosing personal information.

This information is collected for the purposes of:

a) registration with club, Provincial Section and Swimming Canada;
b) ensuring athletes train and compete in an age appropriate environment;
c) establishing athlete eligibility for selection to swim teams;
d) establishing pertinent medical records and baseline performance data to assist coaching decisions in a national team competitive or training setting;
e) reporting non-identifying, demographic and participation statistics to funders, sponsors and other authorized third parties;
f) reporting and publishing athletes’ names, genders, ages, club affiliations on Swimming Canada web pages or in results, news releases and ranking reports; and
g) making direct contact with registrants, volunteers and staff as necessary for the operation of the organization.


Swimming Canada will comply with PIPEDA and comparable provincial legislation as applicable. Swimming Canada will request the consent of registrants to collect and use personal information primarily for registration and performance purposes. Personal registration information shall include name, date of birth, gender, club affiliation, Para classification (if applicable), aboriginal declaration (if applicable), and primary contact address, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. Personal performance information may include, but not be limited to medical history, allergies, injury history, current medications and anthropometric data. Personal registration and performance information is entered electronically into electronic databases that seek to maintain accuracy, security and restricted access. Hard copy lists are also kept in a restricted access location at the Swimming Canada offices for selected athletes only.

The Registration and results/rankings databases will be maintained by Swimming Canada or a contracted third party for the purpose of swimmer, coach and volunteer registration and swimmer results, records and rankings. Each club’s registrar will have access to the database only as it pertains to its own club registrants. Each provincial section registrar will have access to the database only as it pertains to its provincial registrants members. Swimming Canada as the parent organization will be able to access the collected personal information of all registrants. Full system access is restricted to the CEO, Swimming Canada Registrar and Information Technology Manager. Information is made available to additional staff members only pursuant to the purposes listed above.

Provincial Sections or Provincial Sport Organizations in Canada (PSO) are subsidiaries of Swimming Canada for reporting purposes under this policy. Because PSOs have a more direct relationship with members, PSOs, through their clubs, shall obtain the consent of members to collect, and disclose to Swimming Canada, personal information solely for the purposes identified above.

Withdrawal of consent for the use of personal information may be forwarded in writing to the PSO and/or the National Registrar/Policy Officer as applicable. Such a withdrawal however, may require the cancellation of registration and suspension of activities with the Club, PSO and Swimming Canada.




Swimming Canada Registrar/Privacy Officer Is the appointed designate for overseeing the data collection process and is ultimately accountable for compliance with this policy.
Swim Club Registrars Distribute, collect and retain a signed consent form on file for each swimmer and inform the respective PSO when consent is not given.
Provincial Section Each PSO shall provide Swimming Canada with a signed declaration that the information received has been disclosed with consent for the purposes of Swimming Canada and inform Swimming Canada when consent has been denied by a registrant.

None identified.


PIPEDA and applicable provincial legislation.

Review and Approval

Reviewed by Policy & Governance Committee May 23, 2006.
Approved by Swimming Canada Board June 3, 2006
Reviewed by Committee September 22, 2009
Approved by Board October 23, 2009
Approved by Board April 1, 2015