External Appointments Policy

External Appointments Policy

Policy Section:  Board of Directors

Policy Subsection: Policy and Governance

Policy Title:  External Appointments

Policy Statement

Swimming Canada is committed to playing a significant role in the development of the swimming community both nationally and internationally. To that end Swimming Canada endeavours to place qualified individuals in positions of influence throughout the National and International sport and swimming community.


The national and international swimming community is made up of many organizations, each with jurisdictional authority over an event or function   These organizations set the tone and direction for sport participation and swimming at all levels of the sport development spectrum.

For Swimming Canada to contribute effectively to the development of the sport, Swimming Canada appointees must be prepared and placed wherever possible through the political and technical organizations that have jurisdiction over the support and control of participation of swimmers in national and international events.


Swimming Canada Board maintains a strategy for the placement of Swimming Canada appointees on the technical and political Boards and committees responsible for swimming both nationally and internationally.  The strategy is based on political or technical merit not reward.

The Swimming Canada Board of Directors reviews the structures of National and International organizations with jurisdictional control over aspects of swimming participation.  This may include but not be limited to Canada Games, CIS, COC, IOC, Paralympics, Commonwealth Games, FINA, FISU, Pan Pacific Swimming Championships and UANA.  With consultation, the Swimming Canada will target appointments on these organization’s technical, officials and event committees.

Swimming Canada appointees will be identified, prepared and actively supported to fill positions targeted by the Board of Directors of Swimming Canada.

The Swimming Canada Board and CEO will provide whatever support needed to ensure the active participation of Canadian swimming delegates to National and International placements.

Body Action
Board of Directors

1.   Maintain contact through strategic appointments with organizations with jurisdictional control over aspects of swimming participation and appoint appropriately.

2.   Provide educational and preparatory experiences and support to enhance appointment probabilities and effectiveness of  qualified Swimming Canada appointees.

3.   Adjust appointment strategy based on needs, mission of Swimming Canada.


1.   Develop strategy for and identify qualified technical representatives for future appointments.

2.   Support national and international appointees.


The efforts to place individuals must be consistent with the Swimming Canada Code of Conduct.

All appointments must be on the basis of merit.

Review and Approval

Approved:                      October 13, 2006

Reviewed:                      September 2009

Revision Approved:    October 23, 2009

Reviewed:                      November 8, 2017

Approved:                      November 24, 2017