Development Teams Selection Criteria

Team Selection (Download)
Selection competition
Date published
 Team Selection Philosophy March 31, 2016
Apprentice coach opportunities
2019 Development Team Apprentice Coach Opportunities September 12, 2019
Development Team Apprentice Coach Agreement November 5, 2018
Development Team Apprentice Coach Application November 5, 2018

NOTE: The Declaration of Availability Form links in the selection criteria documents will be activated in January 2019.

Name Resource
7 January 2019 - Selection Nomination Update 7-January-2019-Selection-Nomination-Update.pdf
2019 7th FINA World Junior Swimming Championships 2019 2019-7th-FINA-World-Junior-Swimming-Championships-2019_v.6-FINAL.pdf
2019 UANA Junior Open Water Selection Criteria 2019-UANA-Junior-Open-Water-Selection-FINAL_feb72019.pdf