About us

Swimming Canada serves as the national governing body of competitive swimming. We inspire Canadians through world leading performances to embrace a lifestyle of swimming, sport, fitness and health. Canadians are global leaders in high performance swimming and development for both able-bodied swimmers and swimmers with a disability. Swimming is recognized as one of the most celebrated and successful Canadian summer Olympic and Paralympic sports.

Core Values

Deriving from the same set of values that our athletes and coaches are expected to adhere to, Swimming Canada has adopted key corporate values which will define and crystallize its approach and behavior.

These values are described as follows

Excellence & Professionalism

Everyone delivers peak performance and proactively seizes the opportunities that come from change in the quest for continuous improvement. It is not only up to the national coaching staff or the national centres or the athletes to win medals and go for gold. Everyone shares in this responsibility, including the Board, staff, volunteers, clubs, provinces and territories. We must all strive for excellence with a “no excuses” policy.


We value respect as integral to our culture. By collaborating, proactively communicating and cooperating with our swimming community and stakeholders, we promote and build on this value for the betterment of our sport, our people and our society.


Swimming Canada is committed to honest and honourable delivery of its programs, services and activities.


Commitment is emotional, intellectual and requires a steadfast purpose. It is the alignment of our personal goals with those of the organization that will make us successful. We bring energy, passion and a commitment to win so that the organization will be successful; everyone contributes 100%.


We are all accountable and directed towards peak performance. We each take responsibility, are open to systemic evaluation and live up to our commitments.