Dr. Jeno Tihanyi Memorial Bursary

Jeno Tihanyi


Dr. Jeno Tihanyi or “Doc” left an invaluable legacy to amateur sport in Canada.  Doc’s coaching career in Canadian swimming spanned a remarkable 51 years.  Well known for his popular coaching philosophy not to push performance, but rather push improvement, Dr. Tihanyi has been part of the successful development of numerous elite swimmers in Canada.  Most memorable is, of course, his influence and coaching of Alex Baumann.

Doc always demonstrated his ability to teach, coach, mentor, and lead.  These qualities earned him respect both as an academic and coach.  He always expected his pupils to perform with purpose.  In his coaching he demonstrated purpose with every action, every set, every workout, every training camp and every training program.  A purpose that all who followed, engaged, learned and enjoyed – assured them of success.  This success was a journey, and a journey that he always reminded us was the process … the process of success.

The Dr. Jeno Tihanyi Bursary was established to remember Doc, his contribution to competitive swimming in Canada, and to encourage other coaches and swimmers to work closely together toward excellence.

Each year awards may be made from the Fund to coach-swimmer tandems that show the potential for high performance in order to assist the tandem with training opportunities; competitive opportunities; or professional development opportunities (coaches) designed specifically to advance the coach and athlete’s progress.


  • Open to all Canadian competitive amateur swimmers and coaches registered with Swimming Canada.
  • Coach-swimmer tandems will be considered for swimmers having achieved “On Track” times, and demonstrate the potential for high performance.

Application procedures

  • Applications will be accepted by the Award Committee between September 1 to October 31 each year.
  • Applicants must complete the formal application form and may provide up to two reference letters for the committee’s consideration.
  • All applications, the information contained therein, and the proceedings of the Award Committee will be strictly confidential.


The Award Committee will notify successful applicants of their awards, amounts and payment schedule.

  • The number of awards, the amount of each award and payment schedule will be made at the discretion of the Award Committee and will be determined by the funds available in any year, the number of successful applicants, and an assessment by the committee of the need of each coach-swimmer tandem applicants.
  • The Award Committee may, at its discretion, publish a list of award recipients.
  • Awards will apply for a term of one year commencing January 1 each year.
  • Awards may be renewed for additional years.  Award renewals are not automatic. Applications must be submitted each year during the application period.
  • Decisions of the Award Committee are final, and not subject to any right of appeal.  Unsuccessful applicants may reapply the following year without restriction.

Award Committee

Members of the Award Committee are:

  • Mr. Andrey Tihanyi, son of Dr. Jeno Tihanyi
  • Mr. Alex Baumann, former swimmer of Dr. Jeno Tihanyi
  • Mr. Ken McKinnon, National Development Coach, Swimming Canada 
Award Recipients
Year Coach
Oliver Dawson Alex Dawson
Lorne Wigginton Carl Simonson
Wells Ginzer Emma Hesterman
Justin Fotherby Tina Hoeben
Cole Pratt Dave Johnson
Gabe Mastromatteo Janet Hyslop
Joshua Liendo Murray Drudge
Mehdi Ayoubi Greg Arkhurst
Josh Zakala Peter Wilkins
Cassidy Richards Marta Belsh
Jonathan Naisby David Li Fok Wai
Mariya Chekanovych Dmitriy Kononenko
Kierra Smith Emil Dimitrov
Matt Hawes Derrick Schoof
Ryan Cochrane Randy Bennett
Erica Morningstar Jamie Connors
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