Canadian Record Application Procedure

Canadian Record Application Procedure


Complete and submit the online Canadian Record Application Form. The official results including splits and backup times must be attached to the online form for the application to be complete and valid.


Download and complete the correct Canadian Record Application Form. Email the form to along with the official results including splits and backup times.

In order for Swimming Canada to officially recognize a Canadian Senior, Age Group or Para-swimming Record, the following procedure must be followed.

  • Record applications must be received within 7 days of the performance.
  • It is the responsibility of the Meet Management to ensure that the record application procedure is followed.
  • If you have any questions regarding records, see Swimming Canada Rules or contact the Swimming Canada office.

Hy-Tek Record Files for Meet Manager

NATIONAL Short Course Record File (AUGUST 23, 2019)
NATIONAL Long Course Record File (AUGUST 23, 2019)

Import HY-TEK Canadian Senior and Age Group Record files into Meet Manager before a meet commences to assist in flagging National records as they occur.

  1. Click on record file and select SAVE, save to location on your computer
  2. Open Meet Manager
  3. Open Records Menu
  4. Click on Import
  5. Browse to locate the saved file, click Open

An adjustment may have to be made in CUSTOM AGE GROUPS if your meet is not set up with the same age categories as the records. (eg: 12 & under as opposed to 11-12)

  • Still in the MM Records page, click CUSTOM AGE GROUPS.
  • Use this Age Group’s Records:
  • For 11 to 12 set: __ to 12 (leave the first box blank)
  • Do the same thing for 13-14 (__ to 14) and 15-17 (__ to 17).

*ATTENTION SPLASH program users; find the converted National Record files on the FNQ website to import into your SPLASH program.